Tascent’s continued innovation in multimodal biometrics recognized with award of new US Patent

Tascent has identified and protected a novel mechanism for binding an initial “selfie” face enrollment image to an iris image of the same person captured at a subsequent interaction. This overcomes one of the main implementation challenges of iris-based biometric systems by making it possible to plan for a staged enrollment – initially face, later iris – and binding the two together through algorithmic means into a single identity record.

Historically, one of the barriers to adoption of iris biometrics has been the need for dedicated, specialist enrollment devices. Recognizing this, and mindful of the growing market momentum for smartphone-based enrollment apps, Tascent has been actively innovating to combine the power of multimodal biometrics with the simplicity of mobile apps for face pre-enrollment. This patent is one of the results.

Potential applications for this exciting concept include secure biometric payment, physical access control, access to live events, border control, and law enforcement scenarios.

The patent, entitled “Binding of selfie face image to iris images for biometric identity enrollment” was issued on 6th April 2021 with patent number 10,970,539 (link).

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