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Application Notes

Next-Generation Visitor Management

In late 2018, Tascent conducted a successful operational trial of a biometric prison visitor verification system.

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Citizen Identification and Border Management

During the summer of 2021, Tascent deployed a biometric verification system at a South-East Asian country’s immigration and border checkpoints.

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Touchless Workplace Access

In late 2020, Tascent deployed a face recognition system to provide employees with quick, convenient, and touchless access to their workplace.

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Travel Facilitation

Tascent delivered a ground-breaking system to offer an expedited arrivals experience for guests boarding cruise ships.

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Public Safety - Mobile Identity with Data at the Edge

An advanced Mobile Identity system using Tascent Mobile and Enterprise Suite to centrally manage and synchronize identity data to edge devices.

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Data Sheets

Tascent InSight Access

Product overview of InSight Access, delivering intuitive, secure and elegant biometric access to workplace facilities.

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Tascent Enterprise Suite

Product family overview for partners looking to integrate and deploy a tailored biometric identity system.

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White Papers

The Affordable Reality of Biometric Access Control

Learn how biometric access control is an affordable option that can boost security while providing an efficient and welcoming experience for visitors.

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Accelerating Identity Programs with Mobile Biometric Enrollment

Today, 1.1 billion people in the world don’t have a legal identity. In this white paper, we explore how Tascent M6 can help to close that gap, enabling scalable, efficient, and cost-effective citizen enrollment programs in developing nations.

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Multimodal Biometrics at the Border

Find out how adopting a multimodal biometric approach can boost security, efficiency, and flexibility while enhancing the quality of service provided to travelers.

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Tascent InSight Access

Product overview of our biometric access control solution that: – provides end-users with a reimagined, touchless access experience while enhancing workplace security; – equips security integrators with simple tools to bring the latest biometric technology to legacy access control systems.

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Tascent Enterprise Suite

Product overview of our comprehensive biometric identity platform that delivers powerful identity capabilities in a sophisticated, user-friendly design.

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Company Overview Brochure

A leader in intuitive biometrics, Tascent, Inc traces its technology pedigree to 2007 origins as imaging visionary and human factors pioneer AOptix Technologies. Following the acquisition of its predominantly iris recognition focused predecessor, Tascent’s product and marketing emphasis has embraced biometric multi-modality, mobile technology, and more affordable face recognition-focused products, with continually-improving usability and design aesthetics.

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Press Kit

Tascent Brand Guidelines

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