Tascent provides end-to-end biometric identity solutions. View or download biometrics resources to learn more about Tascent products, services, customers, and market insights.

White Papers

  • Certis Identity Solutions, Powered by Tascent

    Certis Group’s new offering, Certis Identity Solutions powered by Tascent, will provide organizations with tailored identity solutions utilizing biometric enrollment, matching, and identification. Learn how their new Identity-as-a-Service offering will provide benefits such as lower cost of ownership, scalability to meet varying business needs, and access to strong identity for businesses of all sizes.

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  • InSight One Self-Service Solutions

    Highly intuitive and uncompromising in biometric capabilities, the Tascent InSight One is available in versatile form factors to enhance self-service experiences. With InSight One Self-Service Solutions, harness the power of biometrics to streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance the level of service to end users.

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  • Accelerating Identity Programs with Mobile Biometric Enrollment

    Today, 1.1 billion people in the world don’t have a legal identity. In this white paper, we explore how Tascent M6 can help to close that gap, enabling scalable, efficient, and cost-effective citizen enrollment programs in developing nations.

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  • Multimodal Biometrics at the Border

    Find out how adopting a multimodal biometric approach can boost security, efficiency, and flexibility while enhancing the quality of service provided to travelers.

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  • A New Golden Age for Air Travel

    Here, we explore the many ways in which biometrics can be used in aviation to improve efficiency, enable new and valuable services, and create a more personal travel experience.

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Data Sheets

  • Product Overview for Tascent M1.

    Simple, powerful, and modular mobile biometrics – built with OtterBox uniVERSE for Samsung Galaxy, designed for demanding identity applications.

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  • Tascent Enterprise Suite

    Product family overview for partners looking to integrate and deploy a tailored biometric identity system.

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  • InSight One

    Product overview of InSight One for customers looking to deploy high throughput iris recognition in aviation, border management, public safety, and other applications.

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  • Tascent Mobile

    Product family overview for Tascent MX, the Tascent Mobile App, and Tascent Mobile SDK. For end users and partners looking to develop and deploy intuitive and powerful smartphone-based biometrics in a wide range of applications.

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  • Screenshot 2018-04-22 21.13.58

    Tascent MX

    Product overview of our unique multi-platform, multi-generation mobile biometric solution that delivers advanced iris, fingerprint, face, and voice capture.


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  • Screenshot 2018-03-07 07.09.53

    Tascent Enterprise Suite

    Product overview of our comprehensive biometric identity platform that delivers powerful identity capabilities in a sophisticated, user-friendly design.

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  • screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-3-14-35-pm

    InSight One

    Product overview of our latest iris and face recognition system that is fast, accurate, compact, and highly intuitive.

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