Tascent releases Mobile SDKs to support simple integration of biometric collection capabilities

Tascent Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its Mobile Software Development KitsTascent Mobile Face SDK and Tascent Mobile Device SDK – that enable system integrators and engineers to implement face, fingerprint, and iris biometric capture simply and economically. Used “under the hood” of Tascent’s own mobile apps as well as by Tascent’s customers, these SDKs make it easier for organizations to integrate biometric collection with their own applications.

The Tascent Mobile Face SDK provides an API and a ready-to-use UI flow for detection, acquisition, and auto-capture of faces on standard mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. By integrating the SDK with their own mobile application, end-customers can rapidly and easily enable their users to register their own biometric credentials. The Tascent Mobile Face SDK maximizes biometric performance and minimizes user hassle by providing pre-capture quality checking, a guided face capture experience including “selfie” and “front camera” face capture options, and auto-cropping and de-rotation of the captured image.

The Tascent Mobile Device SDK provides an API to Tascent’s mobile devices (including Tascent M1 and Tascent MX) to enable fingerprint and iris capture and UI flows for detection, acquisition, and auto-capture of those modalities on supported mobile platforms. Lightweight and easy to integrate into existing solutions, the SDK provides operators with simple, clear, dynamic feedback to make multimodal biometric capture quick and efficient.

Developed with an emphasis on flexibility and user convenience, Tascent’s Mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs) are part of the broader Tascent SDKs and APIs platform.

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