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With the ubiquity of international air travel and the frequent passage of travelers and workers across massive number of land border checkpoints, multimodal biometrics can play a key role in border management and national security solutions by improving travel flow and supporting commerce while increasing security and efficiency of government resources.

As borders are highly diverse by nature, from massive airports and land borders to mobile checkpoints and remote crossings, high throughput and mobile biometric capabilities each play a vital role in efficiently and safely managing border security. Integration of multimodal biometric solutions, including iris, face, and fingerprint, supports these diverse use cases. It also offers the ability to gradually transition from traditional but less accurate approaches to newer and more effective technologies.

Tascent Border Management at Dubai Airport

Case Study - Dubai GDRFA

  • Automated biometric immigration, with in-line enrollment and real time watchlist checks
  • 35 million users per year

Over 200 InSight Duo systems deployed at all Terminals at Dubai Airport and Al Maktoum Airport by the Dubai Government (GDRFA) and emaratech speed 35 million passengers a year through immigration.
The solution is a hybrid of Smart Gates and Smart Counters, uniquely facilitating in-line enrollment for automated immigration solutions with iris recognition.

This approach reduces the typical immigration time for travelers from 49 minutes to less than 1 minute.


White Paper: Multimodal Biometrics at the Border
In today’s landscape of rising travel volumes, heightened security needs, and flat operating budgets, border agencies face the unique challenge of maintaining security while providing a travel experience that’s enjoyable and expeditious. In this white paper, we explore how adopting a multimodal biometric approach can boost security, efficiency, and flexibility while enhancing the quality of service provided to travelers. Download the white paper.

Tascent Border Management

White Paper: A New Golden Age for Air Travel
Iris recognition has the potential to transform the end-to-end air travel experience, making it more enjoyable and more personal while improving efficiency. In this white paper, we examine a variety of use case – both in the airport and in-flight – where Tascent technology and products could help bring a new Golden Age to the air travel industry. Download white paper.

Border Management at Dubai GDRFA Airport

InSight Duo – The Standard for Iris Recognition in Border Management
InSight Duo provides rapid, repeatable, and highly accurate iris recognition to high throughput border management environments around the world. Because it is open architecture, standards compliant, and highly configurable, InSight Duo fits seamlessly into new deployments or existing infrastructure. Learn more about InSight Duo here.

Border Management Tascent Biometric Device

Tascent Mobile – Enabling Robust Biometric Identity in the Field
The wide variety of border management environments – air, land, and sea – demand a mobile biometric capability that is fully adaptable and convenient to use. Tascent Mobile brings mobile biometric identity to a new level, with smartphone-based biometric capture that is both highly intuitive and fully standards-compliant. Learn more here.

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