Tascent Insight Face

InSight Face

Tascent InSight Face delivers a transformational combination of high biometric accuracy and superlative customer experience. Using sophisticated face acquisition workflows and best-of-breed algorithms, InSight Face enables frictionless authentication for a wide range of applications such as air travel, border control, hospitality and events, enterprise access, and beyond.


Class-Leading Performance

InSight Face outperformed all competitors at the 2019 DHS Rally, with top-ranked performance in each of the 4 test categories: efficiency (speed), acquisition (capture) rate, matching rate, and customer satisfaction.

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The Flexibility You Need

Selectable Workflows
Out-of-the-box, InSight Face delivers optimized performance in both single-face and multi-face (group) scenarios.

Adaptable Capture Volume
Flexible optical and software approaches permit customization of the capture volume, the key to a truly frictionless experience.

Configurable Feedback
A large, sharp, and bright LCD screen coupled with front and rear LEDs enables intuitive and fully-configurable user interaction.

Award-Winning Industrial Design
Refreshing and extending the multi-award-winning InSight One design, InSight Face’s modern lines attract the eye.


Technical specifications


  • Capture Volume: Nominal 1.0-2.5m depth. Configuration software and hardware options for bespoke capture volume, as required
  • User Height Range: 0.9m (3’0″) – 2.2m (7’2″), based on 1.55 m standard device mounting height
  • Identification Speed: < 1s (subject to network latency)


  • Feedback Interfaces: Integrated high resolution 10.1″ LCD, 1280x800px (portrait) fully-configurable multi-color front LED (ring), fully-configurable multi-color rear LED (single point), rear HDMI connection for optional secondary screen
  • Power: Line voltage 100V – 240V (AC)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power supply: 90W (24V DC at 3.75A)
  • Weight: 3.5kg (7.6lbs) without stand
  • Systems interface: Network Appliance (Ethernet connection, communicating by REST API over HTTPS), USB 2.0 for maintenance operation
  • Mounting Options: Pole mount (to eGate, fixed position counters), VESA mount, Desktop stand
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 370mm x 180mm x100mm


  • Face Capture Sensor: 2x ultra-low-light HDR cameras with on-board high-performance ISPs
  • Lens: Default 4.2mm f/2.8, optional 6.05mm f/1.8, other alternatives available
  • Face Tracking & Capture Modes: Continuous tracking at 30fps, two modes of operation (Single Face, Multi Face)
  • Ambient Lighting Environment: 100 -10,000 lux

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