Air Travel continues to grow at a staggering pace, with over 8 million people around the world flying each day. Flights are fuller, lines are longer, and security continues to be more stringent. Biometric security solutions using a combination of face, fingerprint, and iris recognition in particular, offer the potential to streamline travel, decrease queues, and increase the personal touch for each traveler – all improving customer satisfaction and helping to limit stress on travelers, airports, and airlines alike.

Tascent’s high throughput and mobile identity products provide a complementary capability improving a wide range of air travel processes, from bag drop, airport security, boarding and even in-flight services.

Case Study - Gatwick Airport, London

  • Automated, self-service biometric enrollment and authenticated flight boarding
  • 5,000-10,000 travelers per day

Implemented by partner Human Recognition Systems, this unique solution delivers iris recognition-based biometric boarding pass authentication for Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal Common Departure Lounge. Automated, self-service enrollment and authenticated boarding powered by over 40 InSight systems ensure that the right travelers board the right flights with a minimum of hassle. 

Tascent biometric security solutions at Gatwick

White Paper: A New Golden Age for Air Travel
Iris recognition has the potential to transform the end-to-end air travel experience, making it more enjoyable and more personal while improving efficiency. In this white paper, we examine a variety of use case – both in the airport and in-flight – where Tascent technology and products could help bring a new Golden Age to the air travel industry. Download white paper.

biometric security for in-flight iris recognition
Tascent biometric security for automated boarding

InSight One – Transforming Travel with Iris Recognition
Tascent InSight One provides conclusive, secure biometric identity for tens of millions of travelers in airport environments every year. By making iris recognition intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly repeatable, InSight One has made iris recognition a biometric of choice in aviation. Learn more about InSight One here.

Tascent Mobile – Convenient, Versatile Biometric Identity
Enabling mobile enrollment and seamless identity verification throughout the airport, off-site, or even in-flight, Tascent Mobile is a compact, easy-to-use and versatile tool for enabling biometric identity in a broad range of mobile applications. Learn more about Tascent Mobile here.

Tascent biometric security for secured access