Tascent Mobile SDKs


With an emphasis on flexibility and ease of development, Tascent’s Mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs) empower developers to integrate biometric collection capabilities into customers’ existing applications.

Using Tascent’s Mobile SDKs, system integrators and engineers can implement multi-modal (face, fingerprint, and iris) biometric capture simply and economically to support an endless range of use cases.

The Tascent Mobile Face SDK provides an API and a ready-to-use UI flow for detection, acquisition, and auto-capture of faces on standard mobile platforms. The Tascent Mobile Device SDK provides an API to Tascent’s mobile devices (Tascent M1 and Tascent MX) for fingerprint and iris capture and UI flows for detection, acquisition, and auto-capture of those modalities on standard mobile platforms. The Tascent Mobile Device SDK uses the Tascent Mobile Face SDK.

With the Tascent mobile SDKs, integrators can deliver capabilities serving a range of industry applications, including:

  • Enterprise Access Control
  • Immigration & Border Control
  • Customer Experience / KYC
  • Passenger Travel Facilitation

Tascent Mobile Face SDK

The Tascent Mobile Face SDK, available for Android and iOS, provides face detection, acquisition and auto-capture of faces for identity management applications.

  • The Mobile Face SDK gives developers the ability to integrate face recognition into their mobile applications without requiring any additional hardware beyond a standard smartphone or tablet.
  • The SDK supports two modes of face capture: standard (frontal) capture, and selfie capture. Both options deliver a guided capture experience, with the UI provided by the SDK delivering real-time, dynamic feedback to help maximize image quality.
  • The Tascent Mobile Face SDK provides basic pre-capture quality checks to ensure that the face is centered, is neither too close nor too far from the camera, and that there are no occlusions of the face, such as hats or large sunglasses. It can be combined with 3rd party quality checking algorithms to further enforce quality standards.
  • Offering full customization and configuration options, the Tascent Mobile Face SDK allows developers to implement a specific application look-and-feel, or use our default UI for simplicity.
  • Compact size: < 7Mb 6.8 Mb for Android; 4.3 Mb for iOS
  • Supported Platforms: Android 8.0 onwards; iOS 14
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Tascent Mobile Device SDK

The Tascent Mobile Device SDK offers a convenient way to integrate Tascent Mobile Devices — Tascent M1 and Tascent MX — into existing customer solutions. The Mobile Device SDK provides multi-modal biometric capture for face, fingerprint, and iris via a thoughtful user interface (UI) and user experience design.

  • The SDK includes a finished user interface layer for out-of-the-box use, as well as tools to enable custom UI design. The UI and HW layers are decoupled, which enables developers to create their own UI.
  • Integrators will find the SDK lightweight and easy to integrate into their existing solutions. The SDK’s straightforward capture and feedback logic empowers developers – including those without a background in biometrics – to implement fast, effective multi-modal biometric capture.
  • The SDK provides operators with simple, clear, dynamic feedback to make biometric capture quick and automated.
  • The Tascent Mobile Device SDK can be paired with biometric algorithms that provide post-processing quality checks.
  • Supported Platforms: Android 8.0 onwards; Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and S10
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Use Case example


Flexible Enrollment Options for End Users

Customer scenarios that involve self-enrollment of biometric credentials via users’ own devices are the new normal. Using the Tascent Mobile SDK integrated into a customer mobile application, end-users can rapidly and easily register their own biometric credentials.

The Tascent Mobile SDK maximizes biometric performance and minimizes user hassle by providing pre-capture quality checking, a guided face capture experience including “selfie” and “front camera” face capture options, and auto-cropping and de-rotation of the captured image.

The customer application can then store the captured images on the device or submit them to a backend matching gallery as required by the specific use case.

Tascent’s Mobile SDKs

Tascent Mobile Iris

Tascent’s Mobile SDKs are used with every implementation of Tascent’s mobile products. Deployed scenarios (both pilot and production) include:

  • Mobile ID Checks
  • Traveler Facilitation / Border Control
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Employee Salary Issuance
  • Refugee Management
  • Customer / Guest Welcome
  • and more.

The simple, effective capture capabilities of the Tascent Mobile SDKs are empowering App Developers to implement a wide spectrum of biometric use cases across a broad range of industry verticals – today.

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