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Biometrics has emerged as a critical capability for determining identity in public safety environments, from forensic investigations to in-field checks to disaster relief situations. The ability to positively confirm individuals on the scene in a way that is fast and accurate supports safety in time critical situations, and helps to drive effective decision-making when confusion may otherwise play a factor.

In public safety, multimodality is continuing to gain momentum as organizations strive to leverage the strength of each, from the ubiquity and forensic capabilities of face and fingerprint recognition to the accuracy and efficiency of iris recognition. Likewise, multimodal high throughput and mobile products provide complementary capabilities supporting the diversity of requirements faced across public safety applications.

mobile public safety devices - Tascent

Tascent Mobile – Enabling Biometric Enrollment and ID, Anywhere
Tascent Mobile combines superior iris, fingerprint, and face capture capability in a single platform. And because it is based on a robust SDK enabling full customization, Tascent Mobile can be tailored to fit a wide variety of uses in Public Safety, enabling seamless integration and easy deployment. Learn more here.

Insight One public safety biometrics

InSight One – Effortless Enrollment, Rapid Identification
Tascent InSight One delivers best-in-class iris recognition capability, rapidly capturing superior-quality images in a wide variety of environments, even for non-habituated users. This makes it ideally well suited to both biometric enrollment as well as high throughput identity verification in environments where users are non-technical and need to be checked in real-time. Find out more information about InSight One here.

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