Tascent “Identity as a Service” provides convenient, hands-free workplace access for the Chicago Cubs

Tascent InSight® Face recognition system pairs with Tascent Enterprise Suite for touchless, convenient, and secure access

Los Gatos, CA – June 17, 2021

Tascent Inc., the industry leader in intuitive biometrics, is pleased to announce the successful deployment of its facial recognition solution into the Chicago Cubs’ front office at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The solution, which includes Tascent InSight Face devices and Tascent Enterprise Suite identity management system, offers touchless building access to employees who opt-in to use the system, promoting convenient and hygienic entry.

Tascent’s biometric products integrate with the Cubs’ existing Alvarado eGate system to provide an effective Enterprise Access Control solution. Tascent InSight Face devices provide an intuitive, friendly, and streamlined experience to employees as they arrive, enabling them to walk into the office without fumbling for a pass.

Steve Inman, VP Technology for the Chicago Cubs, said “Our experience working with the Tascent team has been extremely positive. The performance of Tascent’s system is impressive, and the technical and business flexibility offered by their Identity as a Service model is a good fit for us.”

“We are thrilled that the Chicago Cubs selected Tascent to provide its employees with quick, convenient, and touchless access to their office,” said Kevin Strouse, Tascent’s VP Solutions & Delivery. “We look forward to assisting the Cubs as they assess how biometrics can contribute further value in support of their business.”

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About Tascent
Tascent harnesses the power of biometrics to enable the frictionless flow of people and transactions in a connected world. We focus on creating intuitive hardware, software, and services, providing comprehensive capabilities for tailored identity solutions. Through partnerships, we deliver the strength of trusted identity to positively impact travel, financial services, ticketing and events, workplace access, government services, and humanitarian efforts.

While many biometric companies offer products that are complex and counterintuitive, Tascent makes it easy for our partners to integrate and deploy robust, intuitive approachable, and multimodal biometric identity systems. Today, our biometric solutions serve tens of millions of people each year in some of the most challenging environments. We strive to innovate and create products that address unmet needs for critical-yet-routine identity processes, making lives simpler and easier.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Tascent supports customers and partners globally through our partner network. https://tascent.com

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