Biometric Identity for the Real World

As the leader in intuitive biometrics, Tascent provides the biometric hardware, software, and services that unlock the benefits of a strong identity. By combining intelligent biometric capabilities with unparalleled usability, Tascent provides essential tools that facilitate the frictionless flow of people and transactions in a connected world.

From integration to the end-user experience, Tascent is proud to deliver intuitive biometric solutions that power innovative, real-world applications.


InSight Access- draft

Intuitive, secure, and elegant biometric access to workplace facilities

Tascent InSight Access combines Tascent’s high-performing intelligent endpoints with identity and device management software, on-device biometric matching, and advanced anti-spoofing capabilities, creating an efficient and welcoming user experience.

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InSight Face

Face Recognition just keeps getting better and better

Tascent lnSight Face leverages dynamic face acquisition and best-of-breed algorithms to deliver a transformational combination of biometric accuracy and a superlative customer experience. InSight Face enables frictionless authentication for a wide range of applications including air travel, hospitality, enterprise access, and beyond.

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Tascent Enterprise Suite

A modern approach to biometric identity systems

Tascent Enterprise Suite represents a thoroughly modern approach to biometric identity software. Delivering comprehensive capabilities in a way that is simple and intuitive, Tascent Enterprise Suite makes it easy to deploy and manage complete biometric identity systems.

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InSight One

The next generation for high throughput iris recognition

Delivering effortless, fast, and highly accurate biometric enrollment and identification, InSight One captures best-in-class iris and face biometrics in a sleek, elegant device. Designed for high throughput identification and verification, InSight One sets the stage for the future of travel, access, and identity.

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  • Biometric Systems Airports

    Travel Facilitation

    Tascent’s high throughput and mobile identity products deliver efficiency, safety, and personalized treatment for the wide range of use cases consistently encountered in air travel, from bag drop to VIP lounge to boarding and even in-flight.

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  • Biometric Systems for Identification Passport

    Border Management

    Tascent’s iris recognition and multimodal biometric systems enable increased efficiency and decreased queues in high throughput border management environments while also supporting mobile applications in the air, on the ground, and in the field.

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  • Tascent-workplace-access-S

    Workplace Access

    Positive identity confirmation using Tascent’s multimodal high throughput and smartphone-based mobile biometric capabilities is helping to improve the safety, security, and efficiency of public safety organizations around the world.

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