Products & Services

Tascent’s mission is to create advanced biometric identity products that help to improve safety, security, and efficiency in a way that is truly intuitive, delivering superior performance even in the toughest conditions.

Traditionally, biometric systems have either been fast and easy to use, or highly accurate. Our perspective is that with the right core technology, and with a human-centric approach to product and interaction design, biometric systems can be both.

Tascent creates tightly integrated hardware / software biometric devices that integrate seamlessly with software and services, leveraging a core focus on open architecture systems. We strive to enable partners and customers to rapidly develop robust, scalable solutions based on our unique technology.

InSight One

The next generation for high throughput iris recognition

Tascent M6

Redefining possible in mobile biometrics

Software Services

Technology and teams, delivering compelling biometric solutions

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