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InSight Duo

Processing tens of millions of people every year, Tascent™ InSight Duo is trusted by airports, governments, and secure facilities around the world to deliver fast, accurate, and intuitive iris and facial recognition in the most challenging real-world environments.

In one effortless step, InSight Duo captures simultaneous dual-iris and face biometrics in just 4 seconds, even for non-technical or non-acclimated individuals. InSight Duo provides an ADA-compliant capture volume for effortless functionality whether a subject is in a wheelchair or above 7 feet (2.15 meters) tall.

The system combines an advanced image quality assessment toolkit with intuitive, real-time user feedback, reducing FTE and FTA rates, increasing overall usability, and ensuring iris and face images exceed image criteria set forth in ISO 19794-6 and 19794-6.

With encrypted communication based on SOAP over HTTPS and standards-based imaging, the InSight Duo supports an open architecture approach to system design, promoting interoperability and ease of integration.

facial recognition with Insight Duo at Dubai Airport

Dubai GDRFA uses the power of InSight Duo’s iris and facial recognition to provide effortless, automated immigration for millions of travelers each year. Using a combination of Smart Gates and Smart Counters, Dubai facilitates seamless registration of new visitors. Learn more here.

facial recognition with Insight Duo at Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport relies on InSight Duo to provide seamless enrollment and authentication of travelers, helping to unify domestic travelers and international transit passengers in one Common Departure Lounge. Find out more about Travel applications here.

facial recognition biometrics graph

With its patented Adaptive Optics technology, InSight Duo uniquely combines usability, accuracy, and speed to deliver consistent operation even for non-acclimated users. For more information, download the InSight Duo Product Advantages white paper here.

Insight Duo for facial recognition

Key features

  • Simultaneous dual iris and face imaging at distances up to 2.5 meters, with ADA wheelchair compliant capture height
  • Effortless experience based on fully automated capture enables intuitive operation even for non-acclimated users
  • Based on patented technology, best-in-class iris imaging delivers superior accuracy even in challenging real-world environments
  • Open architecture, standards-compliant design enables rapid integration and deployment with new or existing infrastructure2 second image capture for 1 eye + ISO face; 4 second image capture for 2 eyes + ISO face
  • Secure, locked-down network appliance approach communicates with SOAP over HTTPS

Technical specifications

  • 1.5 – 2.5 meter (4.9 – 8.2 ft) standoff distance
  • 0.75 cubic meter capture volume: 1m (3.3 ft) high x 1 m (3.3 ft) deep x 0.75 m (2.5 ft) wide
  • ADA compliant for individuals in wheelchairs (0.9 meter eye height)
  • Iris and face images exceed ISO 19794-6 and 19794-5 image quality standards
  • 2 second image capture for 1 eye + ISO face; 4 second image capture for 2 eyes + ISO face
  • LED-based illuminator is eye safe at all distances
  • Fully configurable 5.7” LCD
  • Optional 10,000 user on-board database
  • PKI encryption with standard P12 certifications or self-signed 1024 bit certificates
  • SOAP over HTTPS communications
  • Optional Wiegand and RS-485 interfaces for access control integration
  • FCC certified, CE marked, UL 60950 Product Safety, IEC 60825-1 Eye Safety
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