Alastair Partington Tascent Leadership Team
Founder and Co-CEO
Alastair Partington

Alastair is focused on the software capabilities and service offerings required by our Clients’ current and future biometrics projects.  Hailing from London, UK, he was previously Accenture’s global lead for Unique Identity and Biometrics technologies, and prior to that, lead of the Biometrics R&D group at Accenture Technology Labs. 

Joey Pritikin Tascent Leadership Team
Founder and Co-CEO
Joey Pritikin

Joey leads Tascent’s sales, marketing, and product management efforts, driving a unified approach to communication, design, and interaction at the company and product level. He has worked in biometrics for nearly 15 years, first developing MEMS-based fingerprint sensors at Fidelica (now part of Lenovo) and then helping to build AOptix’s Identity Solutions business from its infancy through to its acquisition by Tascent.

Scott Clark Tascent Leadership Team
VP Operations
Scott Clark

Scott leads procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, quality and customer support at Tascent.  He has broad international experience overseeing production of complex electro-opto-mechanical technologies as well as hardware and software development, with leadership roles at AOptix, Arecont Vision, Opnext, and others.

Dragan Milanovich Tascent Leadership Team
VP Engineering
Dragan Milanovich

Dragan leads product development for both hardware and software products. Dragan has over 20 years of experience developing secure and highly scalable systems. Previously, he was the VP of Engineering and Technical Operations at OneLogin, and has held technical executive roles at Hewlett-Packard, PayPal, and eBay.

Peter Dabrowski Tascent Leadership Team
VP Finance
Peter Dabrowski

Peter has over 15 years of professional experience in technology strategy, private equity, investments and corporate finance. He has worked at a variety of companies, including Tano Capital, Barclays Global Investors (Blackrock), Franklin Templeton Investments, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.