Tascent selected to deliver multimodal biometric entry/exit system for Palau Bureau of Customs & Border Protection

Tascent is delighted to announce the signing of a new contract with the Republic of Palau Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (BCBP) to deliver a modern, efficient, and secure multimodal biometric entry/exit system.

Palau BCBP’s mission is to protect the borders and facilitate legitimate trade for the good of Palau. The organization is committed to being the most effective at collecting revenue, securing and protecting the national border, and enhancing trade facilitation in the region.

With this partnership, Palau BCBP will receive a robust entry/exit system that uses face and iris biometrics to provide a secure and efficient border experience. Travelers will be asked to glance at a Tascent device during border crossings, and their biometric information will be acquired and verified as part of the usual interaction with the BCBP Officer. The system will use Tascent’s proven InSight One multimodal devices and Enterprise Suite identity platform, and will build on Tascent’s experience delivering biometric capabilities to Border Control and Immigration projects around the world.

John Tarkong, Director of Palau Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, said “Palau BCBP aims to deliver an effective service to both citizens and visitors alike, whilst ensuring the integrity of the national border. This new system will use multimodal biometrics to rapidly validate traveller identities, which is critical to achieving these goals.”

Tascent’s CEO, Alastair Partington, said “The benefits of using multimodal systems at the border are well-established. More accurate, more flexible, and more robust, these advanced systems have a key part to play in facilitating secure travel and trade, today and into the future. Tascent is honored for the opportunity to bring these capabilities to Palau Bureau of Customs & Border Protection.”

Under immediate development, the system is planned to go live in Palau during the first half of 2023.

Tascent’s whitepaper “Multimodal Biometrics at the Border” is available for download here. For further information, please contact sales@tascent.com.

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