Tascent, Royal Caribbean Group patent novel method to open cruise ship cabin doors with facial recognition

Tascent, Inc, and Royal Caribbean Group are pleased to announce that their ongoing innovation in guest hospitality has been highlighted with the award of a new US patent for a “multifunction smart door device.” The device elevates the guest experience, providing superior convenience and efficiency by using facial recognition to open doors on board cruise ships.

Each smart door device can control access to a stateroom or common area using facial recognition, or other credentials. Enabled with a wide-angle camera, the smart device detects a person’s face in its field of view, uses facial recognition algorithms to identify the person, and unlocks the door if the person is authorized to enter. The device itself can be installed in, or near to, the door in question.

There are multiple benefits of this technology, including providing a more convenient and quicker way to access a guest stateroom or common area, and eliminating the need to constantly carry a key card during a cruise/sailing.

Since 2018, Royal Caribbean Group has implemented Tascent’s face recognition solution in its cruise terminals to speed up the embarkation process and enhance convenience for guests who opt into the program.

The patent, entitled “Multifunction smart door device” was issued on 9 November 2021 with patent number 11,170,593 (link).

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