“What about facemasks?”

Above: sample images with facemask captured with InSight Face

Whether surgical, N95, N99, respirator-style, custom, or improvised, mask-wearing is “today’s normal”. And while the challenges for the wearers include buying masks, cleaning them, replacing them, and remembering to wear them, biometric systems are facing their own new challenge.

Tascent is in the relatively unique position of focusing on touchless biometrics, specializing in both iris and face imaging. So, it’s no surprise that the most frequent question we’re hearing right now is – “How do your systems work with masks?”

Based on our testing to date, for InSight Face, acquisition performance is largely unaffected by the wearing of regular facemasks, as illustrated by the series of images above. And for Tascent’s InSight One iris and face multimodal device, a face mask is no barrier to getting great iris and face images – as demonstrated by the screenshot below. In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that we are still completing data collection to confirm all edge cases, with this made much tougher by the COVID lockdowns, but the initial results are extremely encouraging.

Above: sample images with facemask captured with InSight One

With face and iris modalities complementing each other for a wide range of different applications, Tascent expects touchless biometrics to thrive in the post-COVID era.

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