Tascent Mobile – Enhancing the Travel Experience from London to Dubai

In an article published by Airport-Technology.com, Michael Ibbitson, executive vice president, technology & infrastructure at Dubai Airport demonstrates how Dubai Airport, the busiest airport in the world, is looking at biometric innovations to improve the passenger journey amidst a challenging landscape.

Recently, Dubai Airport completed a trial to facilitate a streamlined process for passengers traveling from London Gatwick Airport to Dubai Airport. The trial aimed to reduce repetitive identity checks through a single token (or “One Identity”), based on biometric data, such as face, fingerprint or iris. This single token would represent passport authentication, identity association to the token, and also connect the biometrics to biographic data. Passengers would be able to use their token, in this case, their biometrics, to then walk seamlessly through checkpoints.

As part of the trial, Dubai Airport implemented the MFlow system from Human Recognition Systems (HRS) and used Tascent M6 to efficiently enroll passenger biometrics at Gatwick Airport and upload the data to a secure database. By connecting passenger biometrics to their biographic data, Tascent M6 enabled passengers to verify their identity at various checkpoints with a quick scan of their biometrics throughout the rest of their international trip. At the end of the trial, a survey carried out to 100 of the passengers revealed that 82% said they were comfortable with having their biometric information captured, while 87% of the passengers agreed that deployment of biometric systems could help speed up the time of their transit.

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